Passionately Pink

Yesterday afternoon along with a selection of Spirit Models I was able to partake in the Passionately Pink Fashion Show. This show was in support of the RL Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness. For more information please click here

I would like to present to you the outfits from the show and some taxis to go take a look yourselves and not only spend some lindens but at the same time help out such a good cause.

The first outfit I will present to you is from CHANTKARE and with face tattoo layer from Lovely Mi. The beautiful jewellery worn in this picture is from ABJ jewellery.

The next outfit I present to you is from *_MIDIS_* – This very beautiful bikini gives you various options on the bikini bottom depending just how sexy you are feeling that day.

The final outfit I would like to show you is this beautiful and elegant wedding gown from Glamour Style. The detail on this dress is beautiful and worthy for any beautiful bride to wear on her special day.

Many thanks for reading and I hope you take the time to pop over to the stores and help support this wonderful cause.


LuLu C xx

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