When LuLu Met Maylee

I was lucky enough to first meet Maylee Oh, designer and owner of The Secret Store, when I was in the CFC show and showcasing her piece for the auction – The Secret Store, October Bloom ( Pictured Below )

Since then I have paid many visits to her wonderful store and today had the chance to spend some time with her to find out alittle more about her. I would like to thank her for her time and for welcoming me into her newly designed garden, a place where Im sure Maylee will be found relaxing when shes not busy designing fabulous new items for us.

Please read the interview below and find out more about the inspiration behind this wonderful designer.

Maylee Oh: i just made this garden
LuLu Coba: its beautiful really peaceful
Maylee Oh: i needed a relaxing place like that
LuLu Coba: Thank you for your time, so could I ask first how long have you been designing in SecondLife?
Maylee Oh: well i started for a few month in 2007, i used to design neko kawai thingsand then i stopped. And i’m back here since this summer, starting all over with more mature clothing.
LuLu Coba: Glad your back
LuLu Coba : Do you think that by stopping the designing for a while it made you think differently about the fashion market here?
Maylee Oh: yes definitly
LuLu Coba: and like you said more mature items now you sell – so I guess you took a new direction when you came back to designing?
Maylee Oh: i did art school during the last 3 years, it helped me a lot, of rethinking my aesthetic tastes. So now i’m really having fun in here.
LuLu Coba: I love the designs in store and I was lucky enough to showcase your design at the CFC show – where do you get your inspiration from? What inspires your designs?
Maylee Oh: haha the story about this dress is pretty funny, because it was my first time designing a couture item. I was a bit anxious about it, and i tried many many things, and then a friend told me that i should make a puffy prim skirt. So i designed a random piece of cloth in Blender, i uploaded itand i duplicated it all over my aviand it looked cute.
LuLu Coba smiles, the finished dress is so beautiful you did a fabulous job!
Maylee Oh: i’m working on other patterns to sell it in the store, i added a fold on the breast and i’m gonna make 4 diffrent patterns. Yeah so many people like this skirt, i couldnt make them sad 😀
LuLu Coba: haha yes keep the customers happy
Maylee Oh: yes 🙂 i am very friendly with my customers as i consider this shop owning as a real job for me .
Maylee Oh: and as i’m a beginner, i’m always open to new suggestions
LuLu Coba smiles. Where do you see yourself heading in the future? Is there any other areas you wish to expand in or for now will concentrate on building the Secret Store as a brand?
Maylee Oh: well extra to fashion, i really like Art and designi wish i had more time to play with design stuff and experiment virtual art, sl is an amzing tool where you can do almost everything until you’re able to build, i feel really inspired with this. but i will keep making clothes anyways.
LuLu Coba: Thank goodness hehe
Maylee Oh: 😀 so, we’ll see, i hope the secret store won’t dissapear
LuLu Coba: Im sure it wont, the items are fabulous and I see you growing and growing 🙂 Now I remember when I was in the CFC show for you you said it was a first, do you wish to have your designs in more shows in the future?
Maylee Oh: yes i think i will make some fashion shows but my will is to have a complete collection with wich i’m entierly satisfied. And this is not the case because i get really bored of my old designs.
LuLu Coba: So Im sure we can expect lots more new and exciting designs from you soon, and I will be keeping an eye out for those shows.
Maylee Oh: sure i just can’t stop creating thank you Lulu 🙂
LuLu Coba: thank you so much 🙂

Maylee is not only a talented designer, but such a sweet individual who has a real passion not only for fashion but for her customers. Be sure to head on over to her store and check it out and while your there keep an eye out for the lucky chair. In theme with halloween there is a gorgeous pumpkin colour Bow-Lero 🙂

I want to thank Maylee again for her time today, and I really hope you all take some time to pop over and make sure if you see her to say Hi, you might find her relaxing in the stunning garden area outside the store.


LuLu xx

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