Rose Are Red…..Violets Are Blue…..

…………………… I have some beautiful new releases…………Just to show YOU!

Julia Merosi, Founder & Designer of je suis has released some stunning new items and Im excited to share them with you today.

Lets start with ::je::Suis::comme une rose. These items will surely melt hearts, with dozens of roses adoring your arm, and the finest rose placed gently in your mouth, these will ensure always romance and beauty is with you.

With both a resizer and the choice of 18 colours you will always be able to match this to your outfit of choice.


The next new release available at the main store is magnifique… these big, bold bangles are a must have for anyones accessory collection. The ::je::suis::magnifique comes in eight colour packs and each has four colour shades to chose from.

The roses and bangles are available at the MAINSTORE now…..also Julia has released some items available exclusively from je suis at RODEO DRIVE and je suis at LE.LOOK.

The next release is available from je suis at RODEO DRIVE and is made to enhance your ::je::suis::une princesse::collection, Im proud to present ::je::suis::une princesse::créoles. These come with a choice of 5 metals, ten diamond textures, custom color change diamonds and glow intensity. You are always sure your going to be able to make sure that these match perfectly to your mood and outfit of the day.


The final new release from je suis I will show you today is the gorgeous ::je::suis::aviateur::Sunglasses. Available from je suis at LE.LOOK


The choices and variety of ways in which you can wear these glasses is such a bonus!! They can be worn on either your nose or mouth and then you have the option of to wear them on your nose or head. The menu allows you to change the position, resize and colour change easily and quickly. Your colour change options include six metal colours, nine diamond textures, nine lens textures and a glow intensity!

These are a must have for any wardrobe!

Be sure to head on over to the je suis stores today and check out the fabulous new release!

Have a lovely Tuesday

LuLu C xx

Je Suis Mainstore Taxi
Je Suis At Rodeo Drive Taxi
Je Suis At LE.LOOK Taxi

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