Gorgeous New Skin Line From e.e – Chloe V2

A few weeks back I discovered through a friend a store named Elegant Epiffany, since joining the inworld group I have been pleasantly suprised at how caring and hardworking Bubble Faintree is. She is very often seen handing out samples of new skin releases for feedback and listening to what her customers needs and ideas are.

From working on and listening to what the audience want Bubble has produced the beautiful and delicate Chloe Skin Line.

This skin line is so so cute, the lips delicate, the eyes beautiful, it has a real grace of charm and beauty about it. Bubble offers each skin with hairbase or without and the addition of adding freckles using a tattoo layer.

Enjoy the images below of the make up range available now and be sure to head over to the store




From Left to Right :- Sundust,  Punter, Smoke, New York, Flossy, Vogue, Pure Pink, Natural, Gummy Pink, Garden, Apple, Nude, Bronze.


Be sure to head on over and dont forget to join the inworld group so you too can receive the wonderful gifts given to the group from Bubble.


Have a brilliant week


LuLu C x

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