Time To Grab Your Winter Woolies…

……….. as the snow starts to fall for many of us, RL and SL, its time to think about wrapping up and keeping warm.

What better way to fight off some of those winter chills then with the new ::je::suis::chaude scarf. This beautifully fitting scarf gives the user so many options its going to fit with whatever outfit your wearing that day.

The scarf comes with the option to attach to the spine or chest meaning you can mix and match it perfectly with your other items, it comes in 6 different colour groups each with 4 shades, you can also get an ” All Colour Package ” meaning in one scarf you have every colour! ( YUMMY! ) Each pack has 4 main textures to choose from, resizing menu, and to save on lag scripts can be removed.

Below are just a selection of the colours available – be sure to head on over to JeSuis and make this an addition to your winter wardrobe.

Taxi to the store………

Hugs LuLu C x

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