Props And Poses Part One

………..Firstly I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday break 🙂

Im excited to bring the first part of my Props And Poses sneak peek, the Props and Poses fair is running from January 1st until 8th January – be sure to make the time to pop on over and see the wonderful creations.

Each have exclusive creations for sale and some are additionally donating personal favorites from their stores to help raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation. Please be sure to take a landmark to their stores and visit them all year round!

Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate was created by Epileptic Dreddmor to create awareness and fundraise for Epilepsy and other seizure disorders within the community of Second Life and further outreach into Real Life with her endeavors.
All proceeds from items sold at the HQ go to the Out of the Shadows Program which is part of the Epilepsy Foundation. Amy Lee of Evanesence started Out of the Shadows because she also has Epilepsy.  Please take the time to visit the following website and find out more about Out Of The Shadows.

The first two pose sets I will show you are from *Hate Me And Eat Me*

This first set is *hmaem* Escape MyselfThis second set from left to right is :- *hmaem* Halving The Compass – *hmaem* Soft Collared Neck – *hmaem* The Obeisant Vine – *hmaem* The Toy Garden – *hmaem* Woods And Give Aways.

Another pose designer Im going to give you as a sneak peek today is from Scarlet Bowdit’s .:Gallus:. Scarlet has two sets which will be available at the fair each including 3 poses and all with a fun vibe!
The Little Dragon pack is takes influence from Yukimi Nagano, the fabulous singer from Little Dragon, and the WTF?! pack is rather randomly posed after WWE wrestlers signature poses.

This first set is .:Gallus:. Little Dragon Pose Set

Constant Suprise – My Step – Turn Left

The second set is WTF?! Pose Set – HBK – Nothin’ You Can Say – You Can’t See Me!
I love these poses they have such a fun vibe!

Hope your enjoying the sneak peeks, Im going to show you a few more today and then each day will tease you with some more 🙂 Remember its for a good cause and every little helps 🙂 Be sure to mark the 1st January in your diaries and be the first to visit this fair.

This next final collection of pictures is from :+:SS:+: and I am loving all of the poses. They have got a fabulous collection of poses in the pose fair, please enjoy the pictures below.

Kisses LuLu C


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