Props And Poses Part Two

Im so pleased to show you some more of the awesome creations available at the Props And Poses fair starting on January 1st. If you havent already done so please check out my first post from the fair as this gives you alot more information about the fantastic cause this event is supporting.

Firstly today I am going to show you two of the sets available from [BakaElle] we have :- The Become Unfashionable set and The Tomato Based Poses Set, Enjoy x

The next collection of poses I will show you is from [bellballs] the poses are a selection from the I’m all super n’ shit posepack! and I’m delicate posepack.

As Im so generous 😛 and sure you enjoy the little tasters Im going to show you some more, the next collection of poses I will show you is a selection from [croire] also I know that at the fair there will be a surprise exclusive pose pack! Yet to be announced but with how awesome these poses are I cant wait! The pictures below are from the following pose packs being offered by [croire] at the fair – aw shucks, its casual, make sure you get my good side, and pretty chilly ( [croire] also have a couple of fabulous props available be sure to check them out )   Enjoy :-

Well….Im still going hehe – Im just loving each set of poses that I kind of keep going 😉 I promise for today just two more, but please dont forget to subscribe and check back over the next few days as I will bring you the final few parts to the Props and Poses fair just in time to get those purses and wallets open on January 1st x

This next selection is the poses available from beemann + {Zeery} Eeeeks Im loving these poses so so cute

My final set for today Im going to give you a sneak peek at is from Nox – below is a selection of poses from their packs available at the fair :-

Have a wonderful day and keep checking back for more teasers

LuLu C


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