Props And Poses Part Three

As the opening day draws closer today I present to you some of the other poses which will be available at the fair, please remember if you havent already done so to take the time to read about Out Of The Shadows,, all funds made at the Props And Poses Fair will be going to this charity which is part of the Epilepsy Foundation.

There is an inworld group which you can find by searching Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate or by going through Epileptic Dreddmor’s profile. If you dont have room there is always a subscribo to keep you up to date on any future events etc.

So onto my first group of poses which I will show you – these poses are from Morgane Batista and the set is called – ” Show Me Your Nails ” I am loving each and everyone of these poses, perfect for showing off our perfectly manicured nails. Please enjoy the picture below :-

The next two pictures are a selection of poses from the collection being offered by Miamai – A La Mode Pose Set and I Was Only Dreaming Pose Set :-

The next little bundle of goodies is from {Just A Pose} along with their sweet Forest Frolic Log which will be for sale at the fair they also have The Black Ice Pose Pack and Waiting Pose Pack – all of which I show a selection off below :-

So thats all for today 🙂 Tomorrow I will bring you the final installment of my Props And Poses Sneaky Peeks, this final installment will present to you an array of props which will be available at the fair.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and enjoy this blog, and I hope you all have 1st January 2011 marked into your calenders ready to get yourself some great Pose bargains and help a wonderful cause.


LuLu C

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