Props And Poses Part Four

Today I show to you the final selection of goodies for the Props And Poses Fair – its been great fun bringing you all these little sneaky peeks and I hope I have given you a taste of whats available that you spend the time to head on over from 1st January until 8th January and enjoy the fair and also the live entertainment – I will post a list at the end of todays post with the entertainment schedule.

Firstly today I bring you items from LondonJane Windlow of Stylas. Stylas is offering items including some fully furnished homes, full furniture sets and then single items such as chairs, dining tables – all from as little as 20L up to 100L this is one stall NOT to be missed. 

The next two pictures below are from {Nestle My Bosom} of whom are offering both a pose collection and also a prop selection. There poses are really fun and I enjoyed using them to do the photos – please enjoy the pictures below 🙂

My final picture and to conclude my sneaky peeks is the Charlie Chaplin Set which is one of just many awesome items being offered at the fair by Gnarlic Plimpton. Enjoy – I certainly did lol

I have had a fabulous time bringing these poses and props to you and hope you have enjoyed it as much as me. Thank you to everyone who has made this fair possible. Here is a Taxi for January 1st – ENJOY

Entertainment Line Up For Props And Poses Fair :-

January 2, 2011
3pm SLT
Epi’s Friends Epic Songtime!w/ octagons Yazimoto,  Marknov Streeter

January 5, 2011
Mercury Madzuko 4 pm SLT
strum Diesel 5 pm SLT
Zachh Cale 6 pm SLT

January 8th
Cristiana Silverweb (DJ) 11-1pm SLT
Jon Gourdou 1 pm SLT
Tully Citron 3 pm SLT
PM Bookmite 4 pm SLT
TerryLynn Melody 6 pm SLT
Coby’s Magic Show 8 pm SLT

LuLu C xx

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