Read All About It…..W-T-N Hunt Starting Tomorrow..

………..YAY! A new years hunt! Whats better then getting some awesome goodies at the start of the New Year!

The Whats The News Hunt starts tomorrow January 1st 2011 and there are some fab things in this hunt, so make sure you take the time to do it and get yourself some nice goodies.

This dress is the female gift from Casual Couture – I am loving this! Its so adorable!!!

Another awesome item your able to grab in the W-T-N Hunt is these enchanting eyes named Pheonix Eyes from [Diesel Creations Ltd] – There is a story behind these eyes as follows :- Emerald being disallowed by Linden Labs and the birth of the Phoenix Viewer was BIG news, so in the spirit of that enjoy these phoenix eyes set on an emerald background, the birth of the phoenix out of the emerald. – The amazing colour makes sure these are definatly head turning eyes – awesome!!

The next item is from Hollys Market for the W-T-N Hunt – this gorgeous jumper is named Snow White and Holly took inspiration from the snowy weather we received recently here in the UK. Least with this jumper you will certainly keep nice and warm 🙂

The final little collection is the sweetest jewellery set from Womens Dreamy Bodyshop! WBD brings you the newspaper earrings and necklace set! ❤ so so cute!

For more information on the hunt please visit the hunts official blog :-

I wish you all the most wonderful and safe New Year and thank you all for following my blog and I look forward to seeing you all next year hehehehe ❤ Happy New Year ❤


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