Group Gifts, New Releases and More..

Yaay, lots of goodies to show you today! Happy Thursday to you all.

So lets start with the fantastic new release by Kayliegh Lykin, owner and designer of Pink Mist Clothing.

This Vintage Teal Dress the colour just grabs me, its so bright and beautiful and the contrast is perfect with the side panels.

The fit of this dress is figure hugging, showing all the curves and beauty of your shape and this is even more so noticeable with the contrasting side panels..

Today 22769 Casual Couture celebrates its ONE year anniversay and to help celebrate they are having a Valentines Store Hunt from today until 15th Feb. There are five hearts hidden and each heart contains an item from the homme and femme outfit and once all five are collected you will have the complete outfit 🙂 Good Luck and Happy Hunting

These photos were taken in the amazing group gift from oOo Studio – the Photo Studio Group Gift.

This photo studio is 49 prims with the Rez Faux box, this box can be deleted once the studio is in place. It contains a pose stand with 16 poses in, a stool with 8 sits and a chaise with 8 sits.

This is such an amazing group gift!  Head over to the store and join this group! Massive thanks to Ola for offering her group such a fantastic gift ❤


Heres Your Taxis To Pay These Stores A Visit :-

Pink Mist Clothing

22769 – Casual Couture

oOo Studio

Hugs LuLu C x

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