New Releases And Valentines at [Cynful]

Please check out the gorgeous new releases, valentines set and dollarbie which is all available now at [Cynful]

Being Valentines Day today I want to start with the [Cynful] Valentines set – this hoodie and trouser set comes with an open or closed jumper and high or low cut trousers as you can see in the pictures below

[Cynful] Valentine 2011

The next item I will present to you is there dollarbie available at the moment. This is a hoodie black top, with the option of both an open and closed front. Im sure you will agree this is a bargain you cant miss!

[Cynful] February 2011 Dollarbie

The next new release item is the stunning and perfectly suiting colour hoodie for this valentines day, is Skys Hoodie in Red Camo – again giving you the options for both an open or closed cleavage area.

And the final thing I want to show you is a dress which is sure to take the breath away of your date when you turn up in this, a beautiful shaped skirt, a low cut figure hugging bodice, you are sure to set the temperatures rising in this dress.

Below I show you both the LilBlacky in Camel and Giraffe – Enjoy

Have the most wonderful Valentines Day and be sure to head over to the mainstore now and check out these gorgeous new releases and pick up that amazing dollarbie while your there


LuLu C x

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