News From JeSuis….and the HBM Male Model Contest

Wow so many exciting things to let you know about Je Suis, if you didnt already know Je Suis received the GLANCE fashion award in the “best newcomer” category, to celebrate Julia is offering 60% off in the main store and this will last until Friday 18th Sooo dont miss this awesome sale and head on over to the main store TODAY.

So lets start with one of the new releases available at the main store the Aimee set, this is a beautiful and very sweet necklace and earring set

Im sure many of you are already aware but RFL is ongoing and continuing until March 22nd and Je Suis is taking part in Fashion For Life, the fundraising for Relay For Life, the American Cancer Society. Je Suis has 3 items for sale and 100% of proceeds goes to the amazing cause. The items on offer are seen in the photo below and include the Chaude scarf in grey, the Magnifique bangles in grey and the Insouciant bag in black. Please make sure you take the time to head on over and check this out and donate to this amazing charity event. Taxi HERE ( direct tps arent available but the red arrow when you land will lead you there )

Until March 26th Je Suis is taking part in the Pure JUICE event. For this event Julia has these fabulous Precieuse earrings. They are oversized hoops with gentle gems sprinkled along them, gorgeous!

The final news today from Je Suis is that they are taking part in The Pacific Fundraiser, this event will run from March 16th until April 10th. For all of us our hearts are with everyone affected in the recent disasters and if we all make the time to head on over to this event we will all be able to help contribute and raise funds to help all those effected by current events.

Julia is offering the following :-

Aimee Earrings and Necklace – 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the fundraising
Douce Bright Set –  50% of the proceeds will go directly to the fundraising
Douce Soft Set – 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the fundraising
An exclusive item will also be sold PCF Japan Bangle – this is an exclusive item for the event and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the fundraising.

Below you can see firstly the Douce Bright Set and then below the Douce Soft Set, in both photos I am wearing the PCF Japan Bangle. Please take the time to visit this event when it opens on March 16th.


Dont forget there is only one week left to grab this collection items at The HBM Locker Room – We have moved location and Im so excited to let you know that for the next collection we have some awesome designers joining are already fabulous ones. Head on over today and check out the items from Ispachi, White Widow, Shiki, MTP to name just a few. Heres Your Taxi

Also dont forget to get those entries in for the March HBM Male Model Of The Year – with 2500L going to the winning models for the month and 2000L for the best photo, and of course a place in the finals and opportunities to model in HBM. Check out the website here for more information and for anything regarding HBM or The Locker Room please contact myself LuLu Coba or Lars Foulsbane and we will help you.

Have the most relaxing Sunday


Lu x

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