Lovely Lashes

I adore it when I achieve the perfect lashes in RL and to me this also plays a huge part of my appearance in SecondLife. I find it amazing how much eyelashes can change your appearance from a subtle look to a sexy luscious look.

Julia Merosi from Je Suis has two fabulous new eyelash releases and as always with any item you purchase at Je Suis you know with the menu the fitting and look will be to perfection. It really means that your always able to achieve the perfect look to match your look that day.

There is a resize menu included but also you are able to edit each lash individually completly making sure that nothing will be out of place.

Im pleased to show you now the two new releases and also incase you’ve not yet experienced Je Suis lashes I will also present to you the previous two pairs which were already in store.

Visit the MAIN STORE today

False Lashes 003

False Lash 004

Previously released – False Lashes 001

Previously Released – False Lashes 002

Items Worn In Picture :-

Skin – Glam Affair – Mary

Hair and Jewellery – FineSmith SWAN

For details of the many things which Julia Merosi and Je Suis is participating in atm please check a previous post featuring some new release :- HERE

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