New From [Cynful]


Hello all, hope your having a lovely Saturday – today Im excited to bring to you the newest releases from [Cynful]

The first new release I bring to you is [Cynful] Baggy – Im wearing these with another of the new releases the Sushlee halter top but more will follow on that in a moment.
Im loving these adorable baggy pants – its always nice in SL to have some days to relax and chill and these are the perfect addition to any wardrobe and still ensure even on the not so glam days your still looking 100% stylish.

Another new release is the Sushlee Halter top – In the picture above Im wearing the black with the black lace, in the picture below you will see the black with the white lace and also an example of a plain non laced one in brown. The lace adds a really nice effect and vision of the chest area, and is a very delicate addition to the top – and with the choice of without, black lace or white lace you really get a good choice of options and ways to wear this halter top.

[Cynful] have also some new items for the Project FUR fundraising in SL, so please take the time to visit the store today and help towards this fantastic charity. Heres your TAXI

Please make sure you pop over and check it out today ❤

Have a wonderful weekend xoxox

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