Stunning Sunglasses From Je Suis

Hello all and hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend, this weekend I treated myself to some much needed retail shopping in RL ahead of my holiday coming up and one thing which is always essential is sunglasses!

Well of course its unfair if I leave LuLu out, so Im excited to show you a stunning pair of sunglasses from Je Suis. These sunglasses, Divine, which of course the name suits perfectly, come with all the menus we’re so used to with Julia’s items.

Julia ensures as the customer we always have the options we need, able to change the size, the colours, the glow and even the position of the glasses ( worn on nose or on your head ) Its things like these which make me more so appreciate an item but also want to recommend and use again and again. With some long summer days ahead, make sure your avi is equipped with some of the most beautiful sunglasses on the grid. Heres your TAXI to the store ❤

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