[sYs] Newness and a fun Kabuki Pose

Wow, Wow, Wow I adore anything from [sYs] and I remember the first time I was introduced to the brand was a long while back in a show and I was amazed the moment I put the outfit on. [sYs] is never afraid to push the boundries and always coming up with something new! Well today Im so excited to show you two of the newest releases – [sYs] Lady and a new addition to the ever growing [sYs] skin collection – Keira

Enjoy the photos below and dont forget to head on over to [sYs] now and grab these new items!

Have a fabulous week and dont forget to check back later lots of newness and goodies to show you 🙂

The bottom picture is using a cute pose from Kabuki – this was taken after myself and a friend had worked our little Heartbeat buddy Maddox on a photo shoot for the HBM exclusive shape which will be available at the Heartbeat publishing stand at the SL8 Birthday ( opens soon details will follow ) and its called *~* Just Do It *~* its adorable!!

Hugs Lu xx



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