Factorie Newness and a 10L Prom Dress

Yay! I love finding new items and even more so when one of them is a 10L adorable dress! Will tell you more about that in a minute šŸ˜‰

Today Im showing you some new items from Factorie – you can head to the main store HERE

Firstly I want to show you this Woolen Vest top in a Burberry print, I teamed it with just a plain white tshirt and some jeans and finished it off with some shoes from Factorie, Factorie Ballet Flats in Black. Its a really cute vest top and perfect for those summer evenings when the chill is in the air. Enjoy

The next item is a really cute and fun boob tube, Factorie Boho Chic Melon. This top is adorably sweet and I am loving the soft pastel colours. The jewellery Im wearing in this photo is the Finesmith June Gift! Yula Finesmith always ensures her customers and fans are well looked after and Im sure you will agree that this set is truely beautiful. Thank You Yula x


And finally the 10L Sparkle Prom Dress!! This is so so me! Its PINK its GLITTERY and its so so so fabulous. For only 10L this dress can be yours! Dont miss out on this chance head over to the store now now NOW šŸ™‚

Well thats all from my little goodies for today

Hugs Lu xx

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