Some October New Releases From Kabuki

Yaaaaay Cant believe its already October and with that means new releases! And my chance to pose with another gorgeous friend of mine, lol I love my SL XD

I want to bring to you two new releases from Kabuki, I adore the poses, they are so tender and sweet and perfect for those moments alone with someone special. A chance to slow down and relax together in a normally crazy world.

The first is *Kabuki  *~* Never Leave Me *~*



This pose is so tender and sweet, gives you the chance to be together in a special moment and let all your worries just melt away.

The next pose is *Kabuki *~* One Love *~*

We spent ages just chatting about the craziness of SL with this pose, its perfect and totally suitable for not only couples but friends who wanna be able to chill and relax…..perfect!

Dont forget to head on over to Kabuki today and check out the poses on offer

Ohh and pssst in these pictures the top Im wearing is one of the new releases from [Cynful] will share more goodness laters from them x

Huge thanks to Alexx for helping me out xx

Kisses Lu x





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