Yummy Christmas Cuddles


Wow Kabuki have just in time for some nice Christmas snuggles released the Kabuki Creations ~ LoveSeat, firstly the seat and rugs which are included are beautifully made. You have a choice of three colours to decide from so will easily fit in with your interior.

There are :-

* 18 New Heart melting cuddles
* 18 New Realistic Adults
* 18 Bonus best selling poses
* 2 LoveScene with auto sequence
* Sitting for Friends or Single
* No Poseballs (adjustable positions)

Below you will see some pictures of just a handful of poses, this sofa I totally recommend. The poses are easily adjustable if needed and all work smoothly together and give you endless options. The bonus of the two loves scenes is beautiful as this can complete that special moment you are sharing with someone. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to head over to the mainstore today, heres your TAXI


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Massive thanks to Coggy for helping me out…..you rock sweetheart ❤

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