Back To Basics

Im excited to bring to you today some of the newest releases from Je Suis and also an adorable couples pose from Purple Pose.

Julia from Je Suis brings not only some fabulous new jewellery releases but also a gorgeous mesh clutch bag.

The Voyante ring and necklace set comes with two options for your finish of stone but also an array of colour choices, the oversized stones make sure you will definatly stand out from the crowd and easily complete any simple outfit to perfection.

The Sauvage mesh clutch bag comes in a range of colours and also options to wear, your able to wear it with a carry pose or just worn with your normal AO.

To show the true beauty of these items I chose the beautiful pose 133 from Purple Pose. This is a very sweet couples pose and I thought with this pose your able to concentrate on the true beauty of the new Je Suis items. Enjoy the picture below and be sure to grab a taxi to Je Suis and Purple Pose today.

Thank you to Jonas for helping me out xx


xx Hugs Lu xx

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