Breakfast In Bed Anyone

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than breakfast in bed with your special someone……or in my case my buddy Jonas who jumped at the chance of putting his batman pj’s on and having some food – hahahaha
Well Kabuki creations have just released two new pieces of furniture that make just that possible.

The first is *~* Kabuki *~* Couple Breakfast In Bed 2.

With this one as you can see it is for both of you to be able to enjoy breakfast in the comfort of your own bed, the breakfast table when touched gives you the knife and forks to eat with and the bed, poses and tables arent linked so you are able to if you wanted to incorporate these with your own furniture.

The next is *~* Kabuki *~* Couple Breakfast In Bed 6

This one is a pose together and gives you the option when touching the table for coffee, the coffee has both a male and female, if you wish to use it. Again as with the other pose the items aren’t all linked so your able to use with other furniture if wanted.

You can visit the *~* Kabuki *~* store HERE
Check out the blog HERE
Find them on marketplace HERE
And visit them on Flickr HERE

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