Cynful and some more sneaky peeks

Morning All,

Gosh dunno where the weekend went but I hope you all had a great one and wish you a wonderful week. Im excited to bring you a couple more sneaky peeks of some of the goodies available from The Whore Couture Fair and also [Cynfuls] first mesh release, Joey.

Enjoy the pictures below and dont forget Ive got some more Whore Couture Goodies for you over the next few days before the fair opens on March 1st.

Have a lovely Monday

Lu xx

New Mesh release from [Cynful] – Joey worn in white – TAXI here

Shadz Eyewear for the Whore Couture Fair – March 1st till March 31st

.:::AV!SAGE:::. *WCF* Chantelle Skin – For The Whore Couture Festival – March 1st until March 31st



3 thoughts on “Cynful and some more sneaky peeks

  1. Well this has certainly been a ride in the SL world sence years ago when it know, like before the new people were last nmes were called ‘Resident’? I am torn about the mesh thing, because its difficult sometimes to integrate things like textures, and soemtimes scripts when used don’t always work properly. They will eventually get the bugs worked out, im sure. I hope.

    1. Hey Vertigo, Im sure that things will smooth out, the quality of mesh already Ive seen improve so Im sure theres lots more to come xD
      Thank you for taking the time to comment xx

      1. You bet. I model on here so i have been through alott of the changes to the clotheing, textures, etc. It will all work out. Now if they can fix the ‘Crashing’ issues…LOL 😉

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