Dont Miss Out

As Im sure many of you know Sydney Fashion week is underway >> check out the blog HERE, be sure to check the post below and make sure you head on over to the show, as with all the amazing shows being put on by IMA its one not to be missed

International Model Agency Inc Presents SYDNEY FASHION WEEK twenty12



The next SFW 2012 show is for the beautiful & sophisticated brand -Desir- by Vivien Emerald, today at 1pmslt

The show starst at 1pmslt, they will present the new & special collection by the amazing Desir brand. There you will find a bunch of beautiful dresses and gowns. Don’t miss it!


1.helen Zhora
2. Veronica Krasner
3. Valeria Endrizzi
4. Fuzz Lennie
5. katherine Comet
6. Blair Leifstorm

Host: NatalieWells
Scriptwriter: Chamonix Boudreaux
DJ: Bishof

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