[sYs] Newness and a fun Kabuki Pose

Wow, Wow, Wow I adore anything from [sYs] and I remember the first time I was introduced to the brand was a long while back in a show and I was amazed the moment I put the outfit on. [sYs] is never afraid to push the boundries and always coming up with something new! Well today Im so excited to show you two of the newest releases – [sYs] Lady and a new addition to the ever growing [sYs] skin collection – Keira

Enjoy the photos below and dont forget to head on over to [sYs] now and grab these new items!

Have a fabulous week and dont forget to check back later lots of newness and goodies to show you ūüôā

The bottom picture is using a cute pose from Kabuki – this was taken after myself and a friend had worked our little Heartbeat buddy Maddox on a photo shoot for the HBM exclusive shape which will be available at the Heartbeat publishing stand at the SL8 Birthday ( opens soon details will follow ) and its called *~* Just Do It *~* its adorable!!

Hugs Lu xx



HBM Contests! Closing dates coming up!

The HBM Male Model Of The Year contest is still ongoing and taking entries for June. Due to RL I was unable to close up Mays entries so we will be closing the entries on June 15th and from this we will pick both our May and June winners. There is still time to get your entries in, the winning models receive 2500L each and opportunities to feature in HBM spreads and also the winning photographer walks away with 2000L.
Dont miss out on your chance to compete for the HBM Male Model Of The Year For more information head on over to the HBM Locker Room and tap the information board there. TAXI or ask me kindly inworld and I will send all information over to you – best of luck to you all!

Good Luck we look forward to your entries


LADIES!!! Dont forget your entries for the HBM Centre Fold Contest – All information can be found HERE

Check out the entries so far here on the FLICKR GROUP











Before I head on my holidays….

…… I just wanted to remind you to head on over to the HBM Locker Room! Dont miss out picking up some awesome items from some of SLs Top Designers – today is changeover day so make sure you make the time this weekend to see what new goodies they have for you!

Also at Heartbeat Publishing we have some very exciting contests for you including the HBM Male Model Of The Year Contest which information can be found out about by tapping the board at the HBM Locker Room and also for the ladies we have the HBM Centre Fold Casting! Your opportunity to feature in one of SL’s premier mens magazines!

Good Luck with all your entries and I look forward to seeing them all when Im back next week ūüėÄ with a tan! wooot

Dont forget your welcome to email me with any questions or queries regarding any of the HeartBeat Publishing contests/Store but please remember I will not be able to reply until Monday 23rd May ūüôā Thank You lulu@heartbeatmag.co.cc

HeartBeat Dancer Of The Year!

Im excited to bring to you today your final chance to get those votes in for The HeartBeat Dancer Of The Year Рhere is the website dont delay its your final chance to vote today!! http://heartbeatmag.co.cc/2011/04/there-can-be-only-one/

The winning lady will walk away with some fabulous prizes including :-

5000 Lindens!

A selection of skins from up and coming SL Skin Designer – Natalie Wells – Deesses Skins! Make sure you take a moment to go check out her gorgeous selection of skins!! TAXI

A shape range named after her from ::Appeal:: and the chance to become a store vendor model for not only this shape but future shapes and fashion. As well as a selection of all the newest releases from ::Appeal:: – be sure to head over and check out the store today – TAXI

The ladies need your votes ūüôā There can be only one winner – Good Luck To All Ladies xxx

Lu xx

HBM Presents The Locker Room

If you havent yet heard about The Locker Room in SL then let me tell you more about it. I have been involved with The HeartBeat Publishing group for over a year now, in January of this year we launched HBM РA magazine publication aimed primarily at the males in SL. You can check out the latest edition of HBM HERE. We then after some talking decided that we would open The HBM Locker Room Рan outlet store again aimed primarily at the males in SL. The items change over every two weeks and nothing will cost your more than 100L.

As manager of the store I notice the amount of ladies who TP in, some with their partners/friends others alone – well today I want to show you a females perspective on The Locker Room with a handful of the items – and to let you ladies know its really worth not only dragging your male friends there but also to have a shop for yourselves. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope to see you shopping at The Locker Room soon.

For any enquiries regarding the Locker Room please either NC me in world ( LuLu Coba ) or you can reach me on my email lulu@heartbeatmag.co.cc

Enjoy and thank you ‚̧ heres your TAXI to go check it out yourselves, dont forget to all those lovely males out there to check out the HBM Male Model Of The Year Contest – we are taking April submissions until 15th so still plenty of time to get them in.

Huggles Lu x

Pounce – Unisex Bladed Belt ( Military Style )

.:KosmO:. – Unisex Sweatie Swetear Marine

The next two items are from MysTique – The first is the Hombre Black Eyeshadow Tattoo Layer and the second is the Thick Black Eyeliner

The next item is from MTP – Sly Fox Neckalce

The next item is from White Widow – Hairbase – MIST

The final item I will show you today is from AIDORU – and is one of two items currently in The Locker Room – this is the Tooth Navel piercing

All poses from this post were from Miamai and are currently available at The Pose Fair Рbe sure to head on over and check that out also heres your TAXI Рthe pose fair runs until April 15th.

The designers in this collection at The Locker Room are :- Aidoru, Hate This, KosmO, 22769 Casual Couture, SF Designs, White Widow, Shiki, BMC, Vero Modero, Funk You, Beccikie, Subversion, MysTique, Lars Styles, MTP, Hardwear, Pounce.

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HBM Male Model Of The Year and HBM Locker Room News

The HBM Male Model Of The Year April Entries are now open be sure to get your entries in. The March winner of both model and photo was Naoki Enyo you can see his picture HERE

Dont forget to check out this weeks collection at the HBM Locker Room – it will change over this weekend so be sure to get these items before its too late – Here is your TAXI

For any designers interested in finding out more information about advertising opportunities within the HBM group – or to find out about being featured as a designer for our winners please contact myself via NC in world or email lulu@heartbeatmag.co.cc and I will be happy to assist you further.

Have a wonderful week

‚̧ LuLu

Locker Room, HBM and HeartBeat PR and EVENTS manager

News From JeSuis….and the HBM Male Model Contest

Wow so many exciting things to let you know about Je Suis, if you didnt already know Je Suis received the GLANCE fashion award in the “best newcomer” category, to celebrate Julia is offering 60% off in the main store and this will last until Friday 18th Sooo dont miss this awesome sale and head on over to the main store TODAY.

So lets start with one of the new releases available at the main store the Aimee set, this is a beautiful and very sweet necklace and earring set

Im sure many of you are already aware but RFL is ongoing and continuing until March 22nd and Je Suis is taking part in Fashion For Life, the fundraising for Relay For Life, the American Cancer Society. Je Suis has 3 items for sale and 100% of proceeds goes to the amazing cause. The items on offer are seen in the photo below and include the Chaude scarf in grey, the Magnifique bangles in grey and the Insouciant bag in black. Please make sure you take the time to head on over and check this out and donate to this amazing charity event. Taxi HERE ( direct tps arent available but the red arrow when you land will lead you there )

Until March 26th Je Suis is taking part in the Pure JUICE event. For this event Julia has these fabulous Precieuse earrings. They are oversized hoops with gentle gems sprinkled along them, gorgeous!

The final news today from Je Suis is that they are taking part in The Pacific Fundraiser, this event will run from March 16th until April 10th. For all of us our hearts are with everyone affected in the recent disasters and if we all make the time to head on over to this event we will all be able to help contribute and raise funds to help all those effected by current events.

Julia is offering the following :-

Aimee Earrings and Necklace – 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the fundraising
Douce Bright Set Р 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the fundraising
Douce Soft Set – 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the fundraising
An exclusive item will also be sold PCF Japan Bangle – this is an exclusive item for the event and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the fundraising.

Below you can see firstly the Douce Bright Set and then below the Douce Soft Set, in both photos I am wearing the PCF Japan Bangle. Please take the time to visit this event when it opens on March 16th.


Dont forget there is only one week left to grab this collection items at The HBM Locker Room – We have moved location and Im so excited to let you know that for the next collection we have some awesome designers joining are already fabulous ones. Head on over today and check out the items from Ispachi, White Widow, Shiki, MTP to name just a few. Heres Your Taxi

Also dont forget to get those entries in for the March HBM Male Model Of The Year – with 2500L going to the winning models for the month and 2000L for the best photo, and of course a place in the finals and opportunities to model in HBM. Check out the website here for more information and for anything regarding HBM or The Locker Room please contact myself LuLu Coba or Lars Foulsbane and we will help you.

Have the most relaxing Sunday


Lu x

HBM January Finalists

I am delighted to announce the first finalists of our Year-Long Male Model of the Year Competition.

The 2 January winners are:

Guka Sparta :- You can see his picture HERE

Matteo Bettencourt :- You can see his picture HERE

I would like also to have a Special Mention for Brendan Macarthur and Ryann Chester.

The Best Photographer of the January submissions is: Annough Lykin.

Here are our Prizes:Each Finalist will receive L$2500.They will be featured in the following issue oh HBM in a promotional spread.The Finalists will be added to HBM’s Modeling Pool (Hippo Group) and will be offered on a regular basis jobs as paying models for HBM’s fashion spreads.

Of course the Finalists are already selected to participate in the Finals in January 2012.

The Monthly Winning Photographer will receive $2000L and will also have their winning picture featured in the next issue of HBM. CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at HBM
Dont miss out on your chance to get your hands on these fabulous prizes and join in the HBM Male Model Of The Year Finals in January 2012 entries are now being accepted for February :- follow this LINK to the contest page of the HBM Website to find out all the relevant information. And GOOD LUCK ‚̧

HBM Is Looking For The HeartBeat Male Model Of The Year

HBM Is looking for entrants for its Male Model Of The Year Contest and also designers to sponser this awesome opportunity. Please see below for more information.


Thank you for your interest in becoming HBM’s Male Model Of The Year.

This is a year long contest which will come to a finale in January 2012 alongside our year anniversary. Please follow the instructions below to join Рwe look forward to your entries and if you are not successful one month, please feel free to try another month.

Best Of Luck To You All

** Participants must submit their 2 pictures in Competition Flickr Group :- http://www.flickr.com/groups/hbm-m-model-comp/

The required pictures are one head shot and one full body shot styled to the theme for that month

** ALL submitted entries must be named correctly in the following format :-

Title of Picture: Name of Participant – Month of Participation (ex: LuLu Coba – January 2011)Description: Name of Photographer (ex: Photo by Alvar Inglewood or Photo by Self)

Entries will be accepted until 15th Of Each Month ( with an expection for January entries accepted until January 20th )  Please join the inworld subscribo group this can be done by visiting The HeartBeat HeadQuarters

Jury Members and the Monthly Designer Sponsers will pick their winners and these will be notified inworld and announced on various networking websites.

The months winners will feature in a spread in the HBM Magazine and then partake in the Runway Show Down in January 2012, this will include the announcement of the HBM Male Model Of The Year and various prizes and gifts to the winner.

When participating please ensure that if you are chosen as a winner for the month you are available for a photoshoot with our HBM Photographers to complete your spread. The themes for the monthly photos are as follows :-

January – Snow

February – Romance

March – White

April РSt Patrick’s

May – Fields and Gardens

June – On a Cruise

July – Swimsuits

August – Shopping Spree

September – At the pub

October – Date Night

November – Thanksgiving

This competition is open to all new and aspiring male models.  If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact LuLu Coba Or Jee Crazyboi in world via NC or on their emails lulu@heartbeatmag.co.cc Рjee@heartbeatmag.co.cc
Get those entries in and GOOD LUCK!!!


We are looking for designers to sponser the HBM Male Model Of The Year Contest, this is a fabulous opportunity for any designer to be featured in the HBM magazine with the monthly winners showcasing your designs.
For more information on joining in on this fabulous opportunity, to dontate a prize for the showdown or for any further information on advertising in HBM – Please Contact The Following HBM Staff
Angel Tzara – Editor – angel@heartbeatmag.co.cc
LuLu Coba – HeartBeat Events Manager – lulu@heartbeatmag.co.cc
Jee Crazyboi – HeartBeat Fashion Editor jee@heartbeatmag.co.cc
Lars Foulsbane – HeartBeat Fashion Editor – lars@heartbeatmag.co.cc

Many thanks and we look forward to working with you