Lazy Days

Well……I dont mean to have a lazy few days, but I moved RL and waiting for my internet to transfer over so for now Im making do on this awful connection which is just totally lame….. so I aint being lazy on purpose HONEST! haha but I will be back properly soon, thank you all for following me and supporting my blog I loves you x



Items Worn :-

Skin :- Belleza – AVA – NEW
Shape :- Pekka – Victorina
Hair :- /wasabi pills/ – Jamie – MESH
Top :- Wunderland – Crossed Short Sweater – MESHNEWJOJ Hunt Item
Jeans :- Legal Insanity – Taylor Skinny Jeans – MESHNEW
Shoes :- Mstyle – Kai

Hunt Me Down

The PHunk Hunt is running from 15th till 30th June! Be sure to check it out – your starting point is HERE

Items Worn :-

Skin :- Glam Affair – Nina
Shape :-  – TartCake and YuMad – – Amelia
Hair :- 69 – Keri
Bodysuit :- [AsYLUM] – Bonkers Body Suit – PHunk Hunt Item
Shoes :- Blackburns – Mule Stilettos with socks

Accessories :-

Plugs :- .HW. – Plugs – Pinwheel – PHunk Hunt Item

Awesome Gifts From 22769 And 50L Madness From JANE!

Im excited to bring to you some awesome items from 22769 in the picture below from left to right you will see – The 22769 Casual Couture item which will be available as part of the Couturiers Loft, the middle item is the group gift which was released on the 15th January this awesome unisex army outfit, make sure you join the group to receive this awesome gift and then each month on the 15th a new gift for your wardrobe, the final outfit is the gift from 22769 for the Next Big Thing Hunt, be sure to check out this hunt and grab all the awesome items along the way. Here is a taxi to the STORE

The Next Big Thing Hunt official blog can be found HERE

Next Im going to bring you a little MADNESS!!!! YAY! The store JANE is having a 50L Madness For a Day and the item we’re being treated to is 31 pairs, YES 31 pairs, of uberly cute lil piggies tights – so 50L for 31 pairs/colours! awesome! Below in the picture you will also see the new release from JANE – the Melody Cardigan in Cherry and Melody Dress in Raven – Here is a taxi to the STORE – Please do not miss this awesome 50L madness!

I wish you all the most wonderful day 🙂

Hugs LuLu C


Time For A Little Hint ;)

If needed below is the hints for the ProPosers Hunt and your start location! GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY HUNTING


1-    Essential Soul
walking for your prize you ll need a pair of shoes…
2-    BeScene Poses
Stay tuned for updates!
3-    Lost World
Two is always better than one !!
4-    NLimbo
in case you needed a hint…
“3’s a crowd..but 6 is a party”
5-    Amacci
Don’t go into the couples pose room!
6-    .:S:. Stance
On the floor at the SLurl listed above
7-    aDORKable Poses
Step Up
8-    Morgane Batista Poses Shop
follow the relaxing sound on your path to your treasure
Sometimes hunts can be a little Intense!
10- Studio Sidhe
Her final resting place has been spruced up & is coming soon 🙂
11- Props-N-Poses
Walk straight back to the biggest  room and search the walls and you will find what you’re looking for.
It is in my mouth
13- Kabuki Creations
Look for it by the Sitting Down section (1st Floor)
14- ::WetCat::
“Give me ‘Five’ …. Just look Up!”
15- {Just A Pose}
16- Olive Juice
On the back wall of my store, on the outside
17- *EverGlow*
Between new things, there’s always a new surprise..
18- oOo Studio
The turquoise hand is near the floor
It’s hidden better than before;
Look near the pose I love the best
It’s underneath the little Nest.
19- Bound & Bitten
Thank you Sir may I have another!
20- EmmePose
Where is a taste of summer
21- Diesel Works Poses & Animations
‘Chocolate, men, coffee… Some things are better rich’
One of them you have to find
The hand thats hidden
and with one of them related a titch!
23- ***OUT***
At #22 you’ll get LM for #24
24- Razmataz
Stairs are good exercise
25- Body Talking
Hidden from the eyes that can see sight…
26- *~*HopScotch*~*
It can see you through the bars, can you see it as well?
27- I s2 Posey
A kitten so small that it fits in the palm of your hand.
28- Miamai
It must be Love
29- ::eXpression:: Poses
If you like to play -BALL- , the gift is hidden on the perfect place
30- Eternal Dream
expression of love
31- WDK
Handy couch
32- TeaSoup
dont look down, just look up
33- Hot Dolphin Love Animations
“What am I standing on?”
34- Just In The Nick Of Time
Come On Baby Light My Fire
35- { P.S. PoseWorks}
Get your hand off my leg!
36- agapee
“time to get something FREE”
37- AyYaiYai
You can definitely enjoy the view up here.
I need sit and rest while looking the poseballs
39- AAA Poses
Sit comfortably and enjoy the lovely artwork, made with my poses.
40- Slash Me Poses
Mmmm, cake
41- BehaviorBody
center is the right way
42- Di’s Opera
Where Silence speaks
43- ChereeMotion
It is on the back of the Classic Pinup Poses sign
44- HelaMiyo
don’t try your scanners here 😉 go around HelaMiyo, oh wow it’s a new shop! Maybe you will like to subscribe?
45- [Lyndz-Matic] Poses
“Neon nights make for great photos”
46- hate me and eat me
the kitten knows!
47- beemann
look up, up, up! LITERALLY.
There’s so much change in here…
49- Atooly
Who doesn’t like ice cream?
50- gesticulate
51- On Stage Studios
We all need somebody to …………..

Pose Like A Star!!!

Yay time to show you some more of the awesome hunt gifts available from the ProPosers Hunt which starts this weekend and runs until February 15th. I will show you the poses available from *HMAEM* named Strike The Pose and then thanks to the amazing help of Lars Foulsbane Im able to show you some more of the couple poses. We had great fun with all the poses so far, there are some really great gifts out there for you all to get, so make sure this weekend one of the things you do is start the ProPosers Hunt and get some for yourselves.

So the first is Strike The Pose from *HMAEM*

This couples pose below is from Cheree Motion and is called – Sofa Lie Back – This comes in two versions Left and Right, so gives you the option of which way it is used.

The next one is the gift from PNP! And woah so many goodies from them you will be spoilt for choice – Here we show you a selection of the items available. 

The next couples pose is from {P.S PoseWorks} and is called Drawn To You – A really cute couples pose ❤

And the final couples pose to show you today, which we had great fun with, is from CORPUS and is called THE SPELL! A great photographic pose!

So again a massive thanks to Lars for putting up with me through all the pictures and producing such awesome ones for us!
The official ProPosers Blog can be found HERE

Thanks again for spending the time to look through and I hope you will check back again through the week to see more of the brilliant and exciting hunt gifts which you can get when doing the ProPosers Hunt.

Hugs LuLu C


Yaaaaay For Raye….

Raye is the latest release from ::je::suis and I am loving this collection.

As always Julia makes sure that we have all the options needed to ensure that this jewellery will work perfectly with any outfit including being able to Choose Pendant’s Hoop Textures, Choose Pendant’s Accent Textures, Choose Leather Band  Texture (Colar’s Only) and as always the resize option and delete scripts.

In the first picture below I am wearing ::je::suis::raye::colar1 and the ::je::suis::raye::earrings and in the second picture I am again wearing the earrings but this time with the ::je::suis::raye::colar2.

The work put into this collection is amazing, a girl can never have too much jewellery and this is definatly a collection for any girls jewellery box. Enjoy Ladies – Heres a taxi to the main store make sure you head on over and check it out :- TAXI TO ::JE::SUIS::

Hugs LuLu C xx

Ohhhh and I almost forgot – The ProPosers Hunt is coming soon – January 15th until February 15th – I will over the next week be bringing you some more information and a look at some of the fabulous prizes you will be able to find on this hunt – This awesome hunt is sponsered by :- THE BOSL – AVENUE – SCULPTZ – MANIERA – ICON – MOOLTO – RADAR – OK – E STYLE – SECONDNIGHTS.
You will need to join the PROPOSERS group inworld, as the tag must be worn when finding your hunt prize – for more information on the hunt check out the official blog HERE

Eight Legs Are Better Than Two….

The Whats The News Hunt is still on going and here is another of the awesome gifts which you can find while hunting.

This item is from *Diavolicious* and its called ” Paul-ine The Octopus – taking inspiration from Paul the octopus who during the world cup was famous for picking the winning teams.

Thank you to my wonderful partner Lars Foulsbane for my picture.


Hugs LuLu C