Quiet Time

Check out this newest release from Kabuki, its a gorgeous hot tub with both single and couple animations.

Below are just some of the beautiful things this item has to offer :-
* 18 Heart melting animations.
* 9 New realistic Adults.
* 20 Bonus animations.
* Single bath animations included.
* Water splash & bubble effect features.
* On/Off water sound, steam, water jet and  water level effects.
* Color changer hot tub.
* Low Prims, No Poseballs.
* Optional decor included. (not link)

Here is your TAXI to the store Be sure to check it out

In your arms….

On sale this Sunday Kabuki  have these 3 beautiful poses on offer, make sure you head over on Sunday to the store and grab yourself a bargain. Taxi HERE

Thank you to my gorgeous Coggy for helping me out with the pictures ❤

For my items worn please see blog post HERE

Breakfast In Bed Anyone

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than breakfast in bed with your special someone……or in my case my buddy Jonas who jumped at the chance of putting his batman pj’s on and having some food – hahahaha
Well Kabuki creations have just released two new pieces of furniture that make just that possible.

The first is *~* Kabuki *~* Couple Breakfast In Bed 2.

With this one as you can see it is for both of you to be able to enjoy breakfast in the comfort of your own bed, the breakfast table when touched gives you the knife and forks to eat with and the bed, poses and tables arent linked so you are able to if you wanted to incorporate these with your own furniture.

The next is *~* Kabuki *~* Couple Breakfast In Bed 6

This one is a pose together and gives you the option when touching the table for coffee, the coffee has both a male and female, if you wish to use it. Again as with the other pose the items aren’t all linked so your able to use with other furniture if wanted.

You can visit the *~* Kabuki *~* store HERE
Check out the blog HERE
Find them on marketplace HERE
And visit them on Flickr HERE

Yummy Christmas Cuddles


Wow Kabuki have just in time for some nice Christmas snuggles released the Kabuki Creations ~ LoveSeat, firstly the seat and rugs which are included are beautifully made. You have a choice of three colours to decide from so will easily fit in with your interior.

There are :-

* 18 New Heart melting cuddles
* 18 New Realistic Adults
* 18 Bonus best selling poses
* 2 LoveScene with auto sequence
* Sitting for Friends or Single
* No Poseballs (adjustable positions)

Below you will see some pictures of just a handful of poses, this sofa I totally recommend. The poses are easily adjustable if needed and all work smoothly together and give you endless options. The bonus of the two loves scenes is beautiful as this can complete that special moment you are sharing with someone. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to head over to the mainstore today, heres your TAXI


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Massive thanks to Coggy for helping me out…..you rock sweetheart ❤

Some October New Releases From Kabuki

Yaaaaay Cant believe its already October and with that means new releases! And my chance to pose with another gorgeous friend of mine, lol I love my SL XD

I want to bring to you two new releases from Kabuki, I adore the poses, they are so tender and sweet and perfect for those moments alone with someone special. A chance to slow down and relax together in a normally crazy world.

The first is *Kabuki  *~* Never Leave Me *~*



This pose is so tender and sweet, gives you the chance to be together in a special moment and let all your worries just melt away.

The next pose is *Kabuki *~* One Love *~*

We spent ages just chatting about the craziness of SL with this pose, its perfect and totally suitable for not only couples but friends who wanna be able to chill and relax…..perfect!

Dont forget to head on over to Kabuki today and check out the poses on offer

Ohh and pssst in these pictures the top Im wearing is one of the new releases from [Cynful] will share more goodness laters from them x

Huge thanks to Alexx for helping me out xx

Kisses Lu x





Kabuki September Releases

As promised I would like to show you a couple more of the new releases from Kabuki for September.

The first pose is named :- *~*Feel So Close*~* and this comes complete with the double sofa. Its a very loving and caring pose, one where the gentleman allows the lady to feel very safe and close in his arms. Lush!

The next pose is named :- *~*Lost*~* – This pose is just the pose balls and in this instance I placed them on the bed as the pose is very fitting. Its a nice simple pose allowing you to both be close to one another, in a special and tender way

Dont forget to visit the Kabuki Mainstore HERE

Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

Massive thanks to Senderos for helping me out with my poses, appreciate it hugely xx




A New September Kabuki Pose Release

Hellooo 🙂

Hope your all okay, Kabuki have released some lovely new poses and I wanted to share one of those with you today…..keep an eye out over the next few days though as I have lots to catch up on *giggles* I will catch up soon I promise 😉

This pose below is – Kabuki *~* Love Seat 1 *~* This pose comes complete with the chair

Its a really soft and gentle pose, lovely fluid movements and is a very sweet pose. Enjoy the picture below and make sure you head on over to the store today – Heres a TAXI for you 🙂

Also a massive thankies to Denim for posing with me ❤

Also dont forget to check out Kabuki online :- BLOG ~~~ FLICKR ~~~ MARKETPLACE

Hugs Lu x

August newness from *Kabuki*

I wanted to bring to you today two new releases for August from *Kabuki* The two poses I will show below both have a menu which you can bring up and this gives you 3 various alternatives on the poses. I think this is a really nice touch and the fact that its easily brought up with /1m it means theres not the need for lots of balls around – one ball can bring you 3 options 🙂 Perfection

The first pose below is :- Couple Studio Pose From *Kabuki* CSP7 Sit Ground

The second is :- Couple Studio Pose From *Kabuki* CSP6 Sit Ground

Thankies to Double R for putting up with me in these photos – Appreciate it ❤

Make sure you grab your taxi and head on over to *Kabuki* today x


[sYs] Newness and a fun Kabuki Pose

Wow, Wow, Wow I adore anything from [sYs] and I remember the first time I was introduced to the brand was a long while back in a show and I was amazed the moment I put the outfit on. [sYs] is never afraid to push the boundries and always coming up with something new! Well today Im so excited to show you two of the newest releases – [sYs] Lady and a new addition to the ever growing [sYs] skin collection – Keira

Enjoy the photos below and dont forget to head on over to [sYs] now and grab these new items!

Have a fabulous week and dont forget to check back later lots of newness and goodies to show you 🙂

The bottom picture is using a cute pose from Kabuki – this was taken after myself and a friend had worked our little Heartbeat buddy Maddox on a photo shoot for the HBM exclusive shape which will be available at the Heartbeat publishing stand at the SL8 Birthday ( opens soon details will follow ) and its called *~* Just Do It *~* its adorable!!

Hugs Lu xx