Pose Like A Star!!!

Yay time to show you some more of the awesome hunt gifts available from the ProPosers Hunt which starts this weekend and runs until February 15th. I will show you the poses available from *HMAEM* named Strike The Pose and then thanks to the amazing help of Lars Foulsbane Im able to show you some more of the couple poses. We had great fun with all the poses so far, there are some really great gifts out there for you all to get, so make sure this weekend one of the things you do is start the ProPosers Hunt and get some for yourselves.

So the first is Strike The Pose from *HMAEM*

This couples pose below is from Cheree Motion and is called – Sofa Lie Back – This comes in two versions Left and Right, so gives you the option of which way it is used.

The next one is the gift from PNP! And woah so many goodies from them you will be spoilt for choice – Here we show you a selection of the items available. 

The next couples pose is from {P.S PoseWorks} and is called Drawn To You – A really cute couples pose ❤

And the final couples pose to show you today, which we had great fun with, is from CORPUS and is called THE SPELL! A great photographic pose!

So again a massive thanks to Lars for putting up with me through all the pictures and producing such awesome ones for us!
The official ProPosers Blog can be found HERE

Thanks again for spending the time to look through and I hope you will check back again through the week to see more of the brilliant and exciting hunt gifts which you can get when doing the ProPosers Hunt.

Hugs LuLu C


HBM Is Looking For The HeartBeat Male Model Of The Year

HBM Is looking for entrants for its Male Model Of The Year Contest and also designers to sponser this awesome opportunity. Please see below for more information.


Thank you for your interest in becoming HBM’s Male Model Of The Year.

This is a year long contest which will come to a finale in January 2012 alongside our year anniversary. Please follow the instructions below to join – we look forward to your entries and if you are not successful one month, please feel free to try another month.

Best Of Luck To You All

** Participants must submit their 2 pictures in Competition Flickr Group :- http://www.flickr.com/groups/hbm-m-model-comp/

The required pictures are one head shot and one full body shot styled to the theme for that month

** ALL submitted entries must be named correctly in the following format :-

Title of Picture: Name of Participant – Month of Participation (ex: LuLu Coba – January 2011)Description: Name of Photographer (ex: Photo by Alvar Inglewood or Photo by Self)

Entries will be accepted until 15th Of Each Month ( with an expection for January entries accepted until January 20th )  Please join the inworld subscribo group this can be done by visiting The HeartBeat HeadQuarters

Jury Members and the Monthly Designer Sponsers will pick their winners and these will be notified inworld and announced on various networking websites.

The months winners will feature in a spread in the HBM Magazine and then partake in the Runway Show Down in January 2012, this will include the announcement of the HBM Male Model Of The Year and various prizes and gifts to the winner.

When participating please ensure that if you are chosen as a winner for the month you are available for a photoshoot with our HBM Photographers to complete your spread. The themes for the monthly photos are as follows :-

January – Snow

February – Romance

March – White

April – St Patrick’s

May – Fields and Gardens

June – On a Cruise

July – Swimsuits

August – Shopping Spree

September – At the pub

October – Date Night

November – Thanksgiving

This competition is open to all new and aspiring male models.  If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact LuLu Coba Or Jee Crazyboi in world via NC or on their emails lulu@heartbeatmag.co.cc – jee@heartbeatmag.co.cc
Get those entries in and GOOD LUCK!!!


We are looking for designers to sponser the HBM Male Model Of The Year Contest, this is a fabulous opportunity for any designer to be featured in the HBM magazine with the monthly winners showcasing your designs.
For more information on joining in on this fabulous opportunity, to dontate a prize for the showdown or for any further information on advertising in HBM – Please Contact The Following HBM Staff
Angel Tzara – Editor – angel@heartbeatmag.co.cc
LuLu Coba – HeartBeat Events Manager – lulu@heartbeatmag.co.cc
Jee Crazyboi – HeartBeat Fashion Editor jee@heartbeatmag.co.cc
Lars Foulsbane – HeartBeat Fashion Editor – lars@heartbeatmag.co.cc

Many thanks and we look forward to working with you

ProPosers Hunt Peek

The ProPoser hunt starts this Saturday on January 15th running through until February 15th. The official ProPosers Blog can be found HERE

Over the next few days I will be bringing you ( along with the awesome help of my partner Lars Foulsbane ) a look at just some of the things you can find on the hunt. Enjoy the pictures and make sure you keep checking back for more of the hunt goodies and mark the 15th of January in your diaries to enjoy this hunt and grab yourself some new poses.

The first pose I show you here is from OSS&P ( On Stage Studio Poses & Photography ) this is called Girls Back To Back – an adorable friends pose.

The next pose is from TeaSoup and is called Catch Me If I Fall – This is a lovely couples pose ( Thank you to Lars for this beautiful picture )

And another adorable hunt gift and couples/friends pose is this one from AyYaiYai – and is called Dig It? ( Thanks again to Lars for the awesome picture )

The final set I wish to show you is the female poses from Di’s Opera – beautifully done poses 🙂 There are also male poses from Di’s Opera in the hunt.

So as you can see with just this small collection of poses shown so far there is something for everyone

Dont forget to keep checking back to see what other fabulous hunt prizes you can find on this hunt.


LuLu C xx

Did Someone Mention Drama…..

Drama, where?! Ohhh we’re talking about the awesome prop being released at the Props And Poses Fair by *~*HopScotch*~*

There are in total 7 poses with this prop, and these can be used as single poses or as a group. There is also a couples pose to use at the front of the stage, which is a really cute pose.
Each pose is fully adjustable with a simple menu, so this prop really makes sure your able to capture the perfect photo everytime.

Enjoy the pictures below and keep an eye out on my blog later as I will be bringing you the second installment of the Props And Poses Fair and will feature poses from [BakaElle] [bellballs] [croire] and beemann + {Zeery} to name just a few.

Dont forget to keep up to date with my new posts just hit that subscribe button


LuLu C

Props And Poses Part One

………..Firstly I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday break 🙂

Im excited to bring the first part of my Props And Poses sneak peek, the Props and Poses fair is running from January 1st until 8th January – be sure to make the time to pop on over and see the wonderful creations.

Each have exclusive creations for sale and some are additionally donating personal favorites from their stores to help raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation. Please be sure to take a landmark to their stores and visit them all year round!

Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate was created by Epileptic Dreddmor to create awareness and fundraise for Epilepsy and other seizure disorders within the community of Second Life and further outreach into Real Life with her endeavors.
All proceeds from items sold at the HQ go to the Out of the Shadows Program which is part of the Epilepsy Foundation. Amy Lee of Evanesence started Out of the Shadows because she also has Epilepsy.  Please take the time to visit the following website and find out more about Out Of The Shadows.

The first two pose sets I will show you are from *Hate Me And Eat Me*

This first set is *hmaem* Escape MyselfThis second set from left to right is :- *hmaem* Halving The Compass – *hmaem* Soft Collared Neck – *hmaem* The Obeisant Vine – *hmaem* The Toy Garden – *hmaem* Woods And Give Aways.

Another pose designer Im going to give you as a sneak peek today is from Scarlet Bowdit’s .:Gallus:. Scarlet has two sets which will be available at the fair each including 3 poses and all with a fun vibe!
The Little Dragon pack is takes influence from Yukimi Nagano, the fabulous singer from Little Dragon, and the WTF?! pack is rather randomly posed after WWE wrestlers signature poses.

This first set is .:Gallus:. Little Dragon Pose Set

Constant Suprise – My Step – Turn Left

The second set is WTF?! Pose Set – HBK – Nothin’ You Can Say – You Can’t See Me!
I love these poses they have such a fun vibe!

Hope your enjoying the sneak peeks, Im going to show you a few more today and then each day will tease you with some more 🙂 Remember its for a good cause and every little helps 🙂 Be sure to mark the 1st January in your diaries and be the first to visit this fair.

This next final collection of pictures is from :+:SS:+: and I am loving all of the poses. They have got a fabulous collection of poses in the pose fair, please enjoy the pictures below.

Kisses LuLu C


A Big Warm Hellooo

So….I started this blog ages ago and then got a wee bit lazy and never really used it, however for a few reasons Im back starting a fresh with it and look forward to having some fun with it.

For those of you who dont know me Im LuLu 😀 *waves*

I have been a model in SL since January 2010 and am loving every moment of it. I have achieved alot in this time thanks to the amazing support of some special friends and feel very grateful for that. So if you ever see me around be sure to say HI 🙂 I wont bite promise 🙂

So ^^^^ thats me 🙂 This picture was taken for me by a very special and dear friend Lars Foulsbane, he is my partner in crime and the one who is there for me through everything, ohh and the one who is always on hand to do me a photo 🙂

So lets stop this part here……and onto the blogging


LuLu C x